Charles Schumer, at Internet Week, Goes Viral

Senator Charles Schumer.

Senator Charles Schumer.

“It’s gone viral!” Senator Charles Schumer cried, summarizing Internet Week. Mr. Schumer delivered the keynote address this year, during which he announced his desire for a working group aimed at making New York America’s tech capital.

Mr. Schumer also boosted his own Brooklyn bona fides.

“Close to my house, there were these Jelly Pool concerts that had a hip, artistic crowd,” he recalled. He was referring to the Jelly NYC concerts at Williamsburg’s McCarren Park, a veritable hipster ground zero. “I daresay there are couples because of these concerts!”

His love of trendy Brooklyn concerts aside, Mr. Schumer seems not to understand the Internet. “Sometimes I do type in a topic if I want information,” he admitted of Twitter. Apparently the speed bumps on the information superhighway run both ways. Referring to Senator Patrick Leahy’s Electronic Communications Privacy Amendments Act, Mr. Schumer asked the crowd, “Is anyone here familiar with Leahy’s bill?” There was no response. :: @DPD_

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