Conservative Twitter Group #BornFreeCrew Warned Young Women Away From Weiner

weiner mic 0 199x300 Conservative Twitter Group #BornFreeCrew Warned Young Women Away From WeinerAndrew Breitbart might have been the one to expose Anthony Weiner’s weiner to the world, but a certain swath of social media also saw it coming. A group of self-described conservatives who dubbed themselves the #bornfreecrew took up the cause of warning young women away from the Congressman’s Twitter followers. In public tweets, they contacted women they believed to be “school girls,” like 21-year-old Washington State college student Gennette Cordova, and urged them to keep their distance from Rep. Weiner. In fact, user @patriotusa76, whom we identified last week as Weiner-troll for following both Ms. Cordova and Rep. Weiner (and tweeting at the representative 287 times), is part of the group. @patriotusa76, who identified himself as Dan Wolfe online before deleting his Twitter account due to intensive media scrutiny, was the one who discovered the photograph. He retweeted it, shared it with his fellow #bornfreecrew patriots and their honorary mascot, Mr. Breitbart, who leaked it publicly the next day. Thereby unleashing the Weiner sex scandal they predicted.

What makes Mr. Wolfe different from your average social media cyberstalker? Aggression, for one—and an agenda. After joining Twitter on Jan. 6, Mr. Wolfe immediately started criticizing both Mr. Weiner and his wife, Huma Abedin. By March, he had more than 1,000 followers. And it wasn’t because of his sage maturity. On April 14, he tweeted:

“Weiner’s new follow is a high school girl. LMAO! Freak!”

Soon, other #bornfreecrew members joined Mr. Wolfe in tweeting out a warning if Rep. Weiner started following a young woman. Based on the fact that Rep. Weiner often unfollowed these women after being called out on Twitter, crew members suspect that he knew about their campaign, telling the New York Times, “He was paying attention.”

So the Congress obsessively monitors his @ mentions, but didn’t realize he was making a dick pic public? If you have some free time on your hands and need a Twitter tutorial, Betabeat can hook you up. Until then, just remember, the direct message option is your friend. So is not documenting your erections.