Councilman Explains ‘Get a Life’ Quip on Twitter

After telling a constituent to “#getalife” on Twitter, Councilman Eric Ulrich called to explain.

In short, he said the message was directed at a bike lane advocate who he said had long been harassing him.

It was sent in response to a woman who said Ulrich’s Queens district needs more bike lanes after a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle. The added bike lanes could have slowed traffic, thus, reducing the likelihood of an accident, the woman on Twitter, HangingbyaStrap, argued.

Ulrich disagreed.

Ulrich, who lives around the corner from the accident and has opposed bike lanes, said he was offended that HangingbyaStrap would press her point, using this latest accident.

“Don’t use this tragedy to advance your agenda,” was his message, he told me. He also said HangingbyaStrap was a former Community Board member and one of a handful of bike advocates who have hurled “vulgar messages” to Ulrich, via Twitter and Facebook.

He said he doesn’t mind disagreeing with people, and partaking in verbal jousting — he is a pretty good debater — but wanted to send a message to the person he felt was harassing him.


Councilman Explains ‘Get a Life’ Quip on Twitter