Daniel Squadron Files for 2013

The New York City Campaign Finance Board updated their list of all candidates for 2013 city elections, and tucked in among the names was that of State Sen. Daniel Squadron.

The Brooklyn Democrat and one-time Chuck Schumer protege ousted longtime incumbent Marty Connor in a 2008 Democratic primary after assembling a coalition that included unions from the Working Families Party and forces aligned with Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

Since then, Squadron has long been seen as a comer, but it is not clear where he would jump to next. A citywide run–either for comptroller or public advocate–would be likely, assuming that the incumbents in either of those seats decide to run for mayor.

A citywide race would be an uphill climb for someone relatively new in public office, but Squadron would not have to give up his Senate seat in order to run. A source close to Squadron said the State Senator is just keeping his options open.


  1. Gabe says:

    What about borough president?  Markowitz is out in 2013, whether he runs for mayor or not.  That’s a sure thing, whereas De Blasio and Liu might very well stay on for another 4-8 years.

  2. Bill Esposito says:

    “A city-wide race would be an uphill climb for someone relatively new to public office.”  Not so if you are the Democratic party nominee for a citywide office.  The only candidates for office in New York City who face insurmountable odds are Republicans!

  3. BK says:

    new baby. wants to stay closer to home?