Dick Grasso: ‘I am From the Streets, I Wasn’t Wall Street Royalty’

In addition to providing an unintentionally funny campaign slogan, he tells Reuters his preconditions for a 2013 mayoral run:

1) His idol, police chief Ray Kelly, doesn’t run. 2) Somebody, preferably Eliot Spitzer, a former state attorney general who sued him over his rich pay check, splits the vote so he has a chance in the Democratic town.

“You can look at me and say: ‘You’re crazy, Dick. You had all this controversy with Spitzer,'” Grasso says, adding he’ll “repossess” the downtown apartment from his children to claim New York city residency in case he runs.

“But I talk to people in the boroughs, I am from the streets, I wasn’t Wall Street royalty,” he says.