Facebook Calls New York Lawsuit Over Ownership ‘Cut-and-Paste Job’ From a Drug Dealer

paul ceglia mug Facebook Calls New York Lawsuit Over Ownership Cut and Paste Job From a Drug Dealer

Paul Ceglia, plaintiff. Photo: facebook.com

The upstate New Yorker Mark Zuckerberg did contract work for in college is full of it, according to a filing today submitted by Mr. Zuckerberg. “Zuckerberg and Ceglia never discussed Facebook and they never signed a contract concerning Facebook,” said the filing, submitted in Ceglia v. Zuckerberg et al in the U.S. District Court in Buffalo. “The contract is a cut-and-paste job, the emails are complete fabrications, and this entire lawsuit is a fraud.”

Mr. Ceglia filed a lawsuit last summer claiming he had recently found emails and a contract that prove he owns a majority of The Facebook, a story the young paper billionaire called “incredible on its face.”

Zuck says he signed an agreement with Mr. Ceglia for work on StreetFax.com, a website that according to Reuters posted photographs of traffic intersections for use in the insurance industry, but has now been converted to a Drudge-esque list of links to stories like “Zuckerberg going to lose 50% of facebook?” and “Paul Ceglia, Facebook Plaintiff, Releases E-mails.”

Previously, Facebook called Mr. Ceglia “an inveterate scam artist.” They’re going full court press, hiring private investigators who have discovered that, “Ceglia was involved in fraudulent land schemes. This adds to previously found scams for selling wood pellets, in addition to a conviction for hallucinogenic mushrooms,” the social network watchblog AllFacebook reports. Like all great business sagas, the story of Facebook is becoming a long, strange trip.

UPDATE: Mr. Ceglia’s law firm responds: “Mr. Ceglia welcomes the opportunity to expedite discovery in this case and disagrees with the opinions within the filing, which have been made by those who have not examined the actual contract at issue in this case or any of the other relevant evidence.”


  1. Anonymous says:

    Facebook hired a computer forensics firm, a linguistics expert, a document authentication expert and a private detective to battle Ceglia’s allegations. If Ceglia was looking for a quick settlement from Facebook, he may have misjudged his opponent; or is Mark Zuckerberg & his company, Facebook, are just dishonest sociopath scum.
    mark zuckerberg facebook hired a high-profile public relations expert, firm to plant negative stories in major media outlets about its archrival Google; to trying to accuse Google of ‘privacy’ sins. take a lie detector test zuck . all that paul ceglia has to do is take a lie detector test .
    the winklevoss had to take the settlement; zuck new the idea facebook was not the winklevoss idea; and the winklevoss new that mark zuckerberg stole the idea facebook!!…….. BUT FROM WHO

    WINKLEVOSS BS. none of it was their idea, why did FB give them 65 million? That isn’t exactly hush money its  fraud and extortion .the WINKLEVOSS new that zuckerberg stole the idea facebook and fb was not there idea or zuck
    . In the high-powered atmosphere of Harvard, it wasn’t any trouble for Zuckerberg to steal the idea facebook and probably to the cheers of his professors and classmates DUSTIN+ CHRIS +CAMERON AND TAYLOR WINKLEVOSS AND CHICKENS; PIGS AND GOATS AARON GREENSPAN DELUSION AUTHORITASAaron J. Greenspan says that while he was a student at Harvard, he came up with the idea for Facebook, piss of .AARON GREENSPAN AND THE WINKLEVOSSneed to be charged with criminal fraud in connection with facebook; you now how MZ stole the idea facebook !

    chris you may have step up about being gay but you need to step up and be a man tell the truth about how zuckerberg stole facebook; and sorry for
    telling zuck & dustin that you were gay back in the year 2003 ;
    chris do-not call your self a HERO tell the truth about facebook then you can call your self a HERO !!
    psychopaths. They have a lot of characteristics that stand out. Lack of empathy.