Girl Developers Head to Hamptons Hackathon–for Humanity

 Girl Developers Head to Hamptons Hackathon  for HumanityThe boy-girl ratio at hackathons, which resemble a sleepover with computers, pizza and Red Bull, is usually pretty one-sided. But the girl developers of the hackerish nonprofit Girl Develop It and women-led entrepreneurship start-up Jump Thru are hosting a Hackathon for Humanity, a weekend at a South Hampton shore house during which the hackers will build products to combat human trafficking in New York City. “It has been designed as an interpretation of the common hackathon,” the group said in an email.

GDI is now accepting applications for the event, set for July 15-17. It’s not quite as luxurious as the Startup Workaway, the hackathon in Costa Rica. But the women feel they should be able to build their projects in relative comfort. “As an alternative to cheap beer and pizza, the participants will enjoy wine and food cooked on the grill. The ladies of Girl Develop It and Jump Thru feel that you don’t have to feel like you are in a fraternaty house in order to build intelligent software solutions for global issues,” they said.