Google’s Executive Troika Doesn’t Quite Get Google+

During the big debut of Google+ yesterday, the search giant’s top execs made a point of being active on the site. “So cool to see +Larry Page and +Sergey Brin posting on Google+ out in the open!” wrote Google engineer Joseph Smarr. “Can’t ask for more “support from the top” than that! :)”

Larry Page, newly returned to the CEO role, has made social a top priority at Google, even going so far as to peg employee bonuses to the success of social.

But while Page was busy posting photos of his kiteboarding trip to Alaska on Google+, his profile is totally blank.

larry page e1309437649408 Googles Executive Troika Doesnt Quite Get Google+

Sergey Brin, who moved into the secret offices at Google to work on Project Emerald Sea while Google+ was still under wraps, is the exact opposite. He has a tricked out profile, but where are his posts?

sergey brin posts e1309437795229 Googles Executive Troika Doesnt Quite Get Google+

It’s like they complete each other sentences. As for that old rogue Eric Schmidt, he hasn’t made it onto Google+ just yet…