High Mom! New York Mommies Are Getting Stoned

marijuana leaf High Mom! New York Mommies Are Getting Stoned

In a charming trend piece titled, “Smokin Pot Mamas!,” the New York Post is reporting that moms are trading in their high balls for water bongs in order to transform into “Mellow Mom.”

“That’s how mommies cope with stress,” one DUMBO mother said.

“Marijuana has aspects of euphoria and relaxation,” said another. “It can help you look at your kids in a more positive light.”

Whatever works, we guess.

The piece is quite enthusiastic (note the exclamation point in the title) despite a couple cranky-sounding quotes about The Dangers of Marijuana like this little gem from Dr. Howard Samuels, CEO of the Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles: “When smoking marijuana, you smoke it to get loaded.” Maybe!

All of the mothers’ names were changed for fear of being found out as potheads by the “judgmental mom community” as one weed-smoking matriarch called it. Judgment aside, the article sites two highly alliterative groups (one of which is thinking of starting a Facebook page, when they get around to it) that are major supporters of parenting under the influence of hippie lettuce: the New York based Moms for Marijuana and Colorado’s Women’s Marijuana Movement.

Sorry, white wine, but apparently you’re just not cutting it.


  1. D Perchall says:

    I’ll stick to my pinot, thank you !

  2. Fhfhf555f4d4eg36jf85kuffgf says:

    And that is that is the point D…a choice is just that, a choice.  Our cannabis is as varied in taste aroma and appearance as a fine vintage.  

  3. Wandajb49 says:

    Try it you might like it

  4. Machinegirl says:

    While I don’t think it would be appropriate if your kid was old enough to notice you acting funny, I know first hand how helpful it can be with dealing with a cranky baby. With babies, when they’re cranky or colicky and won’t sleep, you just have to be patient. Marijuana can help to ease the stress and guilt a lot of mothers feel when they can’t get their kid to sleep, and help them be patient and soothing towards the kid.

  5. Endless Mike says:

    According to Dragnet this will lead to accidentally drowning your baby in the bathtub while you’re having a reefer party.