Highbrow Softball Heats Up: Media, Museum, and Broadway Leagues Go to Bat

Oil those gloves: the softball season of Manhattan’s typically nebbishy and not entirely athletically inclined media and arts institutions is now underway. What is in theory a casual morale-building exercise can result in either a yielding of institutional pride or a sad display of negligible athletic skills. Or both.

Recently, two high-profile News Corp. properties went head-to-head: The Daily was reportedly “destroyed in the face” by The Wall Street Journal‘s softball team, one W.S.J. staffer tells us. The Daily’s team–coached by reporter Joshua Hersh–was no match for the Journal‘s Capitalists, who beat the legendary High Times Bonghitters in 2009 and 2010 to become reigning media softball league champions. “We got our asses handed to us,” Mr. Hersh admitted over email. Elsewhere in media softball, the Newsweek/Daily Beast team held off The Economist 26-8 (it ain’t cricket, after all), only to be defeated by Vanity Fair a week later 17-11.

The season’s first major museum matchup was a no-show: the Whitney Museum team, known as the Whitney Houstons, was due to face off against its rival, the Guggenheim. Unfortunately, the game was canceled due to a rain delay, and has yet to be rescheduled.

Finally, in the Broadway League, Phantom of the Opera continues to dominate both on and off the Rialto, being one of the five teams in the league to maintain a spotless record. By contrast, The Book of Mormon is 2-and-1. Fortunately, in the contest that really counts, the Tonys, they still hold a clear lead.

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Highbrow Softball Heats Up: Media, Museum, and Broadway Leagues Go to Bat