Robert Scoble May or May Not Hate Babies. Click Three Times to Find Out

scobleizer Robert Scoble May or May Not Hate Babies. Click Three Times to Find Out

Mr. Scoble.

“Yo, on my way to SF, I met Bob Scoble at a rest stop on I-5,” Walter Chen, co-founder of IDoneThis, the side project that went start-up and is now joining AngelPad, Gchatted Betabeat. “He was talking to my cousin about avoiding speed traps and babies,” he continued. “And I was like, oh snap, is that Bob Scoble?”

Wait, Robert Scoble hates babies? Betabeat asked.

“Sorry. Avoiding speed traps, and then babies,” Mr. Chen corrected. “So I sauntered up to him and I said, I like your t-shirt. It said, ‘I love APIs’ or something. And I said, I have a start-up, and he said, ‘I love to hear about new start-ups.’ So I said, let me tell you about IDoneThis. Which I did.”

Mr. Scoble tweeted something too: “Yes, I even get pitched startups at rest stops in the middle of nowhere. Met @smalter yesterday who told me about @idonethis Trying it now.” Then: “Oh, @kr8tr will love @idonethis — it asks you to tell it every day what you got done. Makes weekly reports to bosses much easier!”

Mr. Scoble is an influential blogger (Klout score: 84) as well as notoriously good-natured about being pitched. His capacity for trying new apps is bottomless. “Oh, and, yes, I do answer my own cell phone and I do include that number on the Internet for you to use: +1-425-205-1921 and have for several years. I live in Half Moon Bay near the Ritz and would love to meet up with geeks/entrepreneurs if you are in town and I’m available,” he writes on his Google profile.