It’s Free to Look: This Is What Ditmas Park Is All About


  1. urbanobserver says:

    If only this type of housing could be financially available to most low-middle class people again there would be a resurgence in all neighborhoods because generations of families would develop deep-seated roots: staying put would have a stabilizing effect in these communities both socially and economically for many years to come!!!  The only reason people move from most neighborhoods is the lack of affordability/financial stability more so than any other criteria.

  2. NeedaGoodHome says:

    Sure, it’s beautiful.  But why did the price go 10x higher?  Everyone is spiraling down, who can afford to even exist anymore?  What a catastrophe the world has become.

  3. 1st Amendment B4 2nd Amendment says:

    You can buy a small slice of surburbia without having to pay over seven figures. You would think that a real journalist would give you some alternative neighborhoods where you can find large 6/7 bedroom houses, with a 5-6,000 sq. ft. lot plus a garage.

    Plenty of houses like this in Richmond Hill. You can buy one between $400-500 and spend about $150k to renovate it.

    1. felina says:

      Yes, i agree.   Richmondhill has a lot of gorgeous victorian houses, rich in tradition and  well-kept neighborhood. 

      1. Anonymoose says:

        Richmond Hill is also a lot further away from Manhattan, around double the commute time of Ditmas Park. And that matters a lot.

  4. raised there says:

    I  remember these houses I lived in  Brooklyn most of mylife