Jill Abramson Named Executive Editor of ‘The New York Times’

The New York Times executive editor Bill Keller stepped down today in order to focus on writing. He will be succeeded by managing editor Jill Abramson, the first female managing editor in the paper’s history–and, to the Observer’s knowledge, the first to have survived being hit by a truck–beginning September 6. 

The departure was entirely Mr. Keller’s idea, according to the Times‘ report. It adds that Mr. Keller is working out the details for a column in Andrew Rosenthal’s revamped Sunday opinion section. 

As for Mr. Keller’s Sunday column in the Times Magazine, which had been the source of most of the recent criticism of Mr. Keller, editor Hugo Lindgren told the Observer, “I just heard the news myself. I expect nothing will change, that’s my hope.” Then he dashed off to the Ms. Abramson’s introductory meeting.