Jon Stewart's Wrist Lacerated by Instant Karma

Jon Stewart wrist


Traditional media companies, the FCC’s “Future of Media Report” has nothing to offer you. [WSJ]

Time Warner is in talks to buy the American version of OK! magazine, which is like a British version of People, from owner Richard Desmond. [BSkyB]

NBCUniversal will pay Blackstone $1 B for their stake in Universal Studios Florida, giving them full control of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, at last. [Los Angeles Times]

Watch Jon Stewart cut his wrist on set while taping a Weiner sketch. It’ll make sense when you get to the part with the blender.  [Media Decoder]

Page One director Andrew Rossi says Bill Keller had the air of someone about to “throw in the towel.” [Esquire] :: @kstoeffel