Kickstarter for a Twitter Scandal: Weinergate Documentary Fundraising Now

weinergate doc Kickstarter for a Twitter Scandal: Weinergate Documentary Fundraising NowWeinergate: The Impotence of Liberal Journalism will feature interviews with the bloggers and Twitter users who excavated the evidence of Rep. Anthony Weiner’s mis-fired dick pic tweet last week by digging through metadata in the file, analyzing the tweets before and after the incident, uncovering an odd loophole in the yfrog photo uploading service and generally being weird and obsessive. You can help better preserve this watershed moment in citizen journalism by joining the 12 backers who have contributed $965 so far to the campaign, which has 9 days to go. 

“Aside from the tawdry scandal itself, Weinergate showed how the story evolved in the blogosphere and the mainstream media. Much of the story was pushed by a small band of conservative & libertarian bloggers who not only pointed out problems in Weiner’s story but did technical analysis of the data,” the project says.

The “technical analysis” a.k.a. amateur Twitter detective work lasted days, but ultimately the story was advanced when Andrew Breitbart got more sexy photos directly from a woman who had received them from Rep. Weiner. (Throughout the press, the crotch pic was referred to as “the lewd photo.” What if we went back over all this coverage and just replaced the word “lewd” with the word “sexy”? This is why people think Americans are prudes.)

Rep. Weiner was mortified by the new photos and confessed in the most awkward press conference since Kanye West let Taylor Swift finish.

The creator is Lee Stranahan, “a writer and filmmaker who was intimately involved in the story almost from the start. I blogged about it extensively and I was in near constant communications with some of the story’s central figures, bloggers and reporters throughout. I’m also someone who has seen too many people burned by the liberal media… even though, ironically, I consider myself a liberal. ” Let us get our wallet.