Kirsten Gillibrand On Anthony Weiner and Online Disclosure

kg222 Kirsten Gillibrand On Anthony Weiner and Online Disclosure

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. (photo credit: azi paybarah / observer)

“I’ve talked to him and Anthony’s a very good friend,” Senator Kirsten Gillibrand told reporters outside a technology conference at NYU this morning.

“I think he will answer the questions necessary that are appropriate,” she said.

Gillibrand was that the annual Personal Democracy Conference where she announced legislation that would require all public federal documents to be posted online in a searchable format, including campaign documents. (Those are online now, but not so easily searchable.)

“And if I do it,” she told the audience, “then other senators can do it and other senators will be asked by local press: ‘Are you going to put your FEC reports online? Senator Gilibrand did.’ And that’s how the debate happens and that’s how, often time, changes happens.”


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