Lloyd Grove, the Nightly Beast, Lurches Forth at Ghetto Film School Benefit

Lloyd Grove (Getty Images)

Lloyd Grove (Getty Images)

The Transom ran into former New York Daily News gossip and Daily Beast editor Lloyd Grove at the Ghetto Film School benefit at the Standard Hotel. We’d assumed he was inside the party to report—though he’d laughed in the face of a publicist who asked if he would like to stand on the red carpet rope line. After Mr. Grove finished looking at the cellphone photos of Soledad O’Brien, we sidled over and asked if he’d been a long-time supporter of the Ghetto Film School.

“I’m just here,” he told the Transom, “for free food and booze.” The Ghetto Film School educates city youngsters on filmmaking and gives scholarships to aspiring directors, which was news to the newsman: “I had never heard of the Ghetto Film School. Apparently, it’s a major institution.”

His highball glass drained, Mr. Grove lurched away.

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