Melissa Berkelhammer on Her Hamptons ‘Freakout’: Snobs Don’t Eat McDonald’s

We ran into socialite Melissa Berkelhammer this week, and she was still recovering from an eventful weekend in the Hamptons–one during which, Page Six reported, Ms. Berkelhammer threw a late-night tantrum at the Southampton Inn, complained about the viscosity of her soup, and demanded “a vintage car.” The source of the complaints was The Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s sometime co-star Kim Granatell.

“I’ve seen it a couple times,” said Ms. Berkelhammer of New Jersey. “It makes New York look like Masterpiece Theatre.” She’d been upset at the Southampton Inn and her crying was overheard by Ms. Granatell–“it’s those paper-thin walls!,” she told us–but it hadn’t been over any high-priced soup. “You know, I wanted my mom to get me food from McDonald’s. It’s pretty clear that I’m not demanding, you know, a vintage car.” As for those cars, “I’m generally just worried about the car starting! I don’t even drive.” :: @DPD_