Michael Werner Gallery Settles Lawsuit Over Doig With a Doig To Be Named Later

Peter Doig

The Michael Werner Gallery has settled its lawsuit with Carnegie Museum trustee and collector James H. Rich. The lawsuit involved a painting by Peter Doig that was sold to Mr. Rich in 2004 and was supposed to have passed into the collection of the Carnegie Museum. “Due to a misunderstanding,” according to the latest press release, it was instead consigned to Christie’s for its upcoming Post-War and Contemporary sale in London.

But now the lawsuit’s settled! The gallery no longer objects to the consignment, and the museum will receive the painting if it is not sold. If it is, Mr. Rich has promised to give the museum a new Doig work, and a substantial donation.

“I am pleased that this matter was resolved, and the artist’s and the gallery’s goal that the Carnegie Museum of Art have a significant painting of Peter Doig will be achieved,” said Michael Werner’s Gordon VeneKlasen in the release. It also features quotes from Mr. Rich and the Carnegie Museum but, as you might imagine, they’re all fairly similar.