'New York' Magazine Signs With ICM: Report

'New York' Goes Hollywood.

'New York' Goes Hollywood.

Nikki Finke’s Deadline is reporting that Adam Moss’s New York has signed with ICM to market its stories for movie and TV deals. The report mentions past New York-to-Hollywood productions like American Gangster, Goodfellas, and Saturday Night Fever; as for future projects, may we suggest movies based on a biopic treatment of “Paw Paw and Lady Love” or a Cosmopolitans-at-Moomba period piece based on the Vanessa Grigoriadis power-girls profile?

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  1. Rambolina says:

    This is going to make magazines suck even more than they do now. Corporate agencies skimming potential blockbuster stories? Dictating stories to magazines?  More Hollywood crap getting shoved down everyone’s throats.