NYC Condom App is the Opposite of Sexting

nyc condom app NYC Condom App is the Opposite of Sexting

The opposite of sexting

NYC Condom might just be the most embarrassing App ever created. As the city’s new App store advertises, NYC Condom Finder promises a protection finder for the pocket of the laziest person ever hoping to get laid.

“Find Condoms NYC uses your iPhone’s GPS to locate and provide walking directions to the 5 nearest venues that distribute FREE NYC Condoms! With more than 3,000 locations throughout all 5 boroughs, no matter where you are, you’ll always be protected.”

Because the only thing more attractive than finding out that the guy you met at that bar uses city condoms is finding out that he has an App helping him find walking directions to them. At least he can afford an iPhone, even if he is too thrifty to buy his own protection. Don’t expect dinner or flowers, ladies (and gents). This App owner knows how to take advantage of all the free swag the city has to offer. Romantic!

Other useless Apps include Best Parking, which lets drivers “Compare Prices, Rates, Spots, and Locations for City and Airport Garages and Lots” – just don’t use it while actually in your car driving or you can get a ticket. Other titles App developers may have kicked around: “eyes on the road: or “why do you even have a car in the city, anyway.”

Contrary to what the name suggests, You The Man is not a new Judd Apatow movie. Oh no. It is a handy App for drunk people who want to find a car service and either don’t realize that cabs stop for people who put their hands up or else are in an outer borough. Maybe this is the answer to the city’s yellow cab/ livery driver conundrum. And it didn’t even have to go through the TLC or City Council.


  1. zubinwadia says:

    I was waiting for someone to bang out an article regarding this… truly the most unimaginative app EVER.

    1. Anonymous says:

      “bang out” – nice!

  2. Bengelman says:

    I don’t think looking at finding condoms in a bad light is all that great.

  3. Jean says:

    Can I get a hell yea from people who hate anrieswng to illiterate people on yahoo answers? Give me a hell yea if you think this is bull because yahoo has a working spell checker and these people stil seam two git it rong .