Protesters, and Rats, Greet Scott Walker in New York

“Say it loud! Say it clear! Scott Walker is not welcome here!” chanted a gaggle of union members and supporters gathered on a hot strip of strip of sidewalk in Grand Army Plaza Park on the Upper East Side this afternoon. Walker, the first-year governor of Wisconsin, became a national villain of the labor movement Read More


  1. Susane07 says:

    I was there and there were many more than 80 people there!!  Come on, folks!  There were probably more like 250 there.

  2. Deborah Burns says:

    thanks NYC and Solidarity back at you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  3. MamaMae says:

    Rat… weasel… not a badger.  Thank you, from Wisconsin! 

  4. DBurkwald says:

    We don’t want em , you can keep em … With the big rats he must have felt right at home. Thank’s for your support Wisconsin .

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thank you, New York ! We don’t want him either! We had a beautiful,peaceful state, all hard working people,just trying to earn a living and make a better life, until this monster and his cronies came along. He will be gone by this next year, and it can’t be soon enough. Hopefully we can undo all the damage he has done.  Next to go will be Paul Ryan and hopfully Rance Preibus! Thank You again!

    1. fightcorporatewelfare says:

      keep up the heat on this piece of sh** everywhere he goes. Walker and Christie, etc are doing nothing more than the corporate plan that was laid in front of them by the billionaire corporate slobs that sit on record profits.

  6. Judywilcox says:

    There must be a tunnel into the house, he has lots of practice going through tunnels.

  7. JMarie says:

    Thank you so much New York! We continue to fight here in Wisconsin and we’ve got your back in New York. Mr. Carpenter is so right. This is not about one state, it’s about our entire nation’s
    future. I own property, I pay my taxes, I teach art and I vote. Oh, and I used to be a Republican.
    No more.