Queens: We Need a Theme!

The Daily News reports that a community college professor has tasked his marketing students with coming up with ways to market the borough to tourists. Seems, oddly enough, that Brooklyn’s northern neighbor lacks allure. From the story:

Organizers are betting the students will offer fresh perspectives on pitching the borough to visitors through social media like Facebook and Twitter.

“Students are very enthusiastic,” said Michelle Stoddart, tourism director for the Queens Economic Development Corp. “They’re learning, so we’re all about educating them in their field.”

Stoddart said the borough will also re-launch the Queens Tourism Council, a collective of cultural groups and sites that fell inactive in recent years.

It’s an effort to capitalize on droves of tourists who fly into Queens airports and stay at local hotels but spend most of their time and money in Manhattan.

That got us to thinking of other ways to market the land of gyros, planned mansions, the Mets, All in the Family, Jamaica Bay, the Ramones, and what an ex-colleague dubbed “busland,” that area around Bayside et al, where the subway trains stop running.

We have ours:

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  • Queens: C’mon, You Do Not Love All That Manhattan Has to Offer; You Hate It, In Fact; You Stayed in Last Saturday Night!

Your suggestions welcome as well. Comment below.

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Queens: We Need a Theme!