Red Bull Tried to Make ‘Largest Donation on Kickstarter Ever’ but Kickstarter Shot Them Down

Update to this morning’s post about the motion-sensitive iPhone air guitar pick, which we thought for a moment had set a record with Red Bull’s $20,000 largesse constituting the largest single donation on Kickstarter yet, and worried that the indie champion was selling out.

Looks like our fears were unfounded. Red Bull wanted to make the largest Kickstarter donation ever, but Kickstarter’s Fred Benenson declined, saying the company isn’t “currently seeking partnerships,” according to the email exchange forwarded by air guitar pick co-creator Ronald Mannak, and “can’t offer any support or participation in media outreach.”

We thought Red Bull was claiming its donation was the largest ever; actually the project creators publicized that tagline. Mr. Mannak: “We exchanged emails with Fred Benenson at Kickstarter to give him a heads up that Red Bull was about to [donate] what we assumed to be the biggest Kickstarter donation ever. Since Fred didn’t correct us, I (not Red Bull) decided it was safe to claim the biggest single donation ever. Kickstarter hasn’t reached out to us since we announced the Red Bull donation.”

Kickstarter told Betabeat it has received larger lump sums before, but didn’t cite specifics.