Roanald and the Best Cover Letter Ever: Hiring in the Viral Era

roanald Roanald and the Best Cover Letter Ever: Hiring in the Viral Era

Roanald Rides Eagles

It’s tough finding great tech talent in New York. So when local startup Aviary found itself in the middle of a massive viral meme, they decided to leverage it for a little recruiting.

A year ago a cover letter arrived from Roanald Dvorak, a “devilishly handsome” go-getter who excelled at “doing shit.” The joke mostly stayed within the Aviary office, until a few weeks ago when local hacker and entrepreneur Jonathan Wegener snapped a photo and tweeted it out.

The joke caught fire the second time around, making its way onto Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, and AOL. Even Dwight Schrute got in on the action. A few millions likes, tweets and views later, the legend of Roanald continues to spread. Letters of support and job offers came in from dozens of notables including Rain Wilson and Guy Kawasaki.

So Aviary did what any self-respecting web company would do. They stuck with their story, creating a Twitter account for Roanald and a link to a profile for him on their team page. Try to click through to Roanald’s profile and you end up on Aviary’s jobs page, which features open positions for a UX/web designer, operations engineer and iOS developer.

The position of office manager, obviously, is filled.