Same-Sex Marriage Sponsor Doesn’t Share Bloomberg’s Optimistism

Although they’re one vote short needed to pass same-sex marriage in the Republican-led State Senate, Mayor Bloomberg said yesterday if it were brought up for a vote, it would pass.

The Democratic sponsor of the bill isn’t so sure.

“You should chat with Mayor Bloomberg about that because he has not disclosed what happened as a result of his conversations [with Republicans] to me,” said State Senator Tom Duane, of Manhattan.

“He was very helpful to the Republican conference. He helped them get into the majority. That shouldn’t be what sways their decision,” said Duane. “I hope his passion for the issue is what sways some of the Republican members.”

When asked if he thought there are enough votes right now to pass the bill, Duane — who led a failed effort in 2009 to pass the bill when Democrats controlled the chamber — said, “I’m not going to predict that.”



  1. mamaditto says:

    N.Y. has ‘equality’ with no gay

    It really gets to be a bit much when time must
    be taken to defend the unmistakable fact that we are all here due to the unions
    of our mothers and fathers.

    New York has marriage “equality.” Anyone can get
    married here as long as their intended is a member of the opposite gender, not
    currently married to another, is of legal age and the relationship is not

    These “discriminatory” rules are in place for
    virtuous reasons. Regardless of the fruitfulness of any particular union, it is
    common knowledge that men and women make babies, an act known as consummation.
    Simultaneous partners and childbearing between close relatives portend a variety
    of medical/social/economic pathologies. Minors cannot enter into contracts due
    to their developmental immaturity of both body and mind.

    The most inane of all the excuses for same-sex
    “marriage” is claiming parity with civil rights for blacks. Comparing the
    immutability of race to volitional behavior is completely incongruous. There are
    many ex-gays among us. How many ex-blacks are there?

    Creating this entitlement program called
    same-sex “marriage” serves no legitimate purpose for the greater good. I believe
    adultery and divorce will accelerate. The state’s fiscal crisis will worsen as
    benefit claims bankrupt the state.

    Most egregious of all, the right of the child to
    a mother and father will be nullified.

    Shouldn’t the rights of children matter more
    than the demands of a fragment of the population for whom consummation is an
    anatomical impossibility?