Sebastian Junger Watches Werner Herzog, Says Manly Masculine Things About Men


The L.A. Times sits down with  Sebastian Junger to discuss his “sinewy, stripped-to-the-waist prose” and  “storm-gray eyes.” The author of The Perfect Storm and War, who apparently has “an Ivy League mind outfitted in solid blue-collar principles,” seems to have just emerged from a viewing of Werner Herz0g’s Cave of Forgotten Dreams, for he offers the following (revolutionary) theory of masculinity:

“Look at the cave paintings in France. What do they show? They show the game animals that they’ve hunted — a form of warfare, in a way, violence. They show warfare, they show men fighting each other. They show fertile females. I mean, what topics preoccupy men? You want to look into the male brain? It’s like, OK, I need to kill game, I need to sustain myself — basically, career. Conflict and combat, manliness and proving yourself. Hot chicks. And the final one is shamanism, connection to the divine. That comprises the entirety of what’s on the walls of the caves in France. That’s the male brain, that’s human society in a lot of ways.”

In other news, he’s giving up combat reporting and thinking of having children.