Sloane Crosley to Talk with Joan Didion at the New York Public Library

Jadrien Steele at the Young Lions Club has confirmed that Sloane Crosley, the “most popular publicist in New York” turned funniest essayist, will sit down with Joan Didion for an event at the New York Public Library this fall. Ms. Didion will publish her new memoir, Blue Nights, with Knopf in November.

The Observer was lucky enough to receive a copy of the proof at a BEA party in May. The book is about the death of Ms. Didion’s daughter Quintana, who passed away not long after the author’s husband. Without giving too much away, it is really something special, a heartbreaking book about trying to move past grief through writing. In it, Ms. Didion applies a sharp self-critical eye to her own style and speaks candidly about maintaining her directness in the face of aging. Ms. Crosley’s writing is certainly more playful, but that contrast only makes us more excited for the pairing.