Snow Storm Report

Highlights from the Department of Investigations’ report:

DOI obtained and viewed 24 hours of footage from City
surveillance cameras in various parts of the City, which collectively
showed approximately 265 City trucks in the streets on December 26th to
27th, most of which were visibly plowing the snow. There appears to be
an explanation from the video as to why some trucks had plows lifted,
while others with raised plows are not readily explainable from the
video footage. The tapes were turned over to DSNY for further analysis.


Other DSNY trucks that appeared to the public to be doing
nothing were stuck with DSNY employees instructed to stay with trucks –
creating a negative impression with the public. While stuck with their
trucks, DSNY employees were observed napping, or buying coffee or food,
again leaving an impression with members of the public that employees
were not doing their job.