Start-Up News: Dashing Hackers, Rockstar Devs, Internet Weak and Some Events That Sound Like a Lot of Work

pierre valade Start Up News: Dashing Hackers, Rockstar Devs, Internet Weak and Some Events That Sound Like a Lot of Work

Foursquare hacker Pierre Valade: Dashing.

Happy IPV6 day, to steal the New York Times’s line, and a merry Internet Week to all. Did you know Judah Friedlander is a Webutante? Or that $1,500 is enough to convince a former Facebook employee to dive into a decorative pool? Some other things that happened this week in New York start-ups:

THE WABBYS. Betabeat won a Webby! Just kidding. The Pulitzer of blogs eludes us. Go and congratulate our brothers in content creation as they rub shoulders with Daniel Radcliff and OKGO’s Damian Kulash at the Hammerstein Ballroom on Monday, June 13.

IGNITE TONIGHT. That is all. FORTNIGHTER IS ALIVE. Customized travel itineraries. MADE IN NYC(TM). HOWABOUT WE LAUNCH AN IPHONE APP. And have 35,000 people download it in the first week. FOURSQUARE HIRES HACKATHONER. It is Pierre Valade, creator of the Twttr-outlawed Agora App who ReadWriteWeb calls “dashing,” which uses the Foursquare API to recommend people to meet in the vicinity based on who you follow in common.

AVIARY, BETAWORKS, HUNCH AND VIMEO: COME STEAL OUR STAPLERS! Walkabout NYC is a workspace walking tour for Internet Week on Friday, when all the start-up curious talent and Silicon Alley tourists–if there is such a thing–can check out New York’s hawt start-up spaces. “Basically, companies open their doors to people who are interested in a behind-the-scenes look at how they work,” Harvest’s Danny Wen explains. Then, the New York City Startup Weekend hackathon happens at General Assembly on Saturday. My, what a busy week. We didn’t even mention API Hack Day.

NYC SEEKS EAL, STILL. The six-month entrepreneur-at-large gig at the city is yet unfilled. Also in jobs, Behance is hiring a Rockstar Backend Developer. You must have strong backend development skills and play in a popular rock band.

BIG-ASS DATA. Sabey Data Center Properties building a 40-MW data center at 375 Pearl St. in Lower Manhattan. Initial tenants include Microsoft Corporation, JP Morgan Chase, Savvis, Internap, VMware and T-Mobile. Oh wait, our bad–no start-up can afford to take advantage of this.

TECH AND THE CITAY. The NYC Entrepreneurial Fund ($3 million, New York Economic Development Corporation; $19.5 million, First Mark Capital) has made its second investment, joining the seed round for Medico, “a high-quality health reference information in Spanish, including over 4,000 articles about diseases and conditions and continuously updated health news feeds. also offers community features and a Q&A platform organized around focused health topics such as diabetes, heart disease, and plastic surgery.” The Fund’s first investment was in MyCityWay, the winner of the first BigApps contest.