Steve Jobs’ Authorized Biography Is a Bestseller Before The Ink Is Dry

41 xeomcmtl  sl500 aa300  Steve Jobs Authorized Biography Is a Bestseller Before The Ink Is DryLeave it to the ultimate hypeman salesman to make his upcoming biography a bestseller before it’s even on the market. And render previous versions suddenly obsolete. For the past two days, iSteve: The Book of Jobs, has been in the top 15 among Amazon’s 100 bestselling books, as well as #1 in three individual categories, including Biography & History and Technology. All of that interest comes roughly nine months before the book be available for purchase. Why all the fanboy fuss? Jobs actually agreed to be interviewed for this version.

In fact the author, Walter Isaacson, has been interviewing Jobs’ family members and colleagues since 2009 for this authorized, 448-page look into the Apple co-founders personal and professional life. Hopefully that means we’ll get the full back story on Jobs’ adoption saga, his Syrian birth father, and his novelist sister Mona Simpson, whom he didn’t meet until he was 27.