The Adventures of Maer Roshan, Editorial Boy Wonder

The former Radar editor bounces back from rehab with a new website, The Fix, and a top-secret iPad project called Punch.

Full disclosure: I’m biased. I worked closely with Mr. Roshan for years under sometimes stressful circumstances. He assigned and edited two of my best stories and taught me more than any editor I’ve ever worked with—even if, O.K., he was occasionally a little bleary or zonked out on doctor-prescribed Klonopin (which as a recent article in The Fix points out, is one of the more destructive medications available).

Mostly, he was a blast to work for—mirthful, brilliant and routinely exasperating. Despite his editing prowess (he is amazing with structure and narrative), he types with two fingers and often leaves caps-lock on by mistake. He has yet to master the technical nuances of website bookmarking, and typically checks his own sites by typing in the U.R.L. He cares little for food and seems happiest with a tuna melt. “Maer has lived off pizza his entire life,” marveled Mr. Tennant, who recalled Mr. Roshan at a business lunch at Masa “holding chopsticks in his hand like a 4-year-old.”

He tends to smoke only a few drags of a Marlboro Light before firing up another, sometimes without extinguishing the first. He can be the same way with stories. I once arrived on a movie set in Williamsburg to profile a hipster porn star only to find another Radar writer who’d been sent for the same purpose. (Radar 2.0 folded before either piece ran.) During features meetings, he could often be counted on to propose pieces that seemed oddly familiar, leaving it to Mr. Tennant to remind him the story had run in an earlier generation of the magazine. That said, they were almost always a good idea, both times around.

At times, I was one Mr. Roshan’s most effective enablers. When his hands would shake, or he’d disappear for a while, I helped maintain the illusion that everything was fine, sometimes blatantly misleading colleagues about his whereabouts. Not that I invented the lies, but I dutifully repeated them: family emergencies, medical emergencies, much-needed vacations. It seemed like part of the gig.

I also cursed his name on a number of occasions, watching more or less impotently as the magazine he’d bled for went down for the final time, despite an ASME nomination for general excellence not six months before. That it later resurfaced as a shady Octomom gossip portal overseen—in an injustice that seems almost cosmic—by AMI’s David Pecker somehow made the whole thing worse, especially when they stripped the old content from the site and adopted a pink and green color scheme.

For those last few months of Radar, I was plagued by bouts of insomnia, episodes my wife took to calling “nightmaers.”

Conflicted doesn’t begin to cover it.

Then again, lots of people seem to be conflicted about Mr. Roshan. To read through Radar’s old press is to step into media steam room so cloudy with schadenfreude, you have to squint to make out the hazy figures in the corner and what exactly they’re up to. Kurt Andersen wrote a strongly worded critique of the magazine in 2005, nailing it for, among other things, its many similarities to Spy (“like a tribute band”), and published the piece in New York, the magazine where he’d hired Mr. Roshan as a senior editor a few years before.

Then there was Gawker—the outlet that had most assiduously followed the magazine’s ups and downs (branding its blanket coverage “The Greatest American Magazine Re-Relaunch”) even as the site’s own mordant take on media and celebrity arguably made the whole idea of Radar seem superfluous. Radar was a classic Gawker story. Despite having been a fan, Gawker Media founder Nick Denton remarked in a GChat, “We quite quickly made it a target. Such a lurid cast of characters.” He was referring not to the editorial staff but to the rogues’ gallery of backers, including Mr. Zuckerman and financier and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein—news of whose proclivities are thought to have led Mr. Zuckerman to dump his share of the property—and subsequently supermarket tycoon Ron Burkle and his aide-de-camp Yusef Jackson (a beer distributor and son of the Rev. Jesse Jackson, who perched on a stability ball during meetings and employed the disconcerting email sign-off “God Bless”).

“Radar was the charge of the light brigade,” Mr. Denton added. “Glorious, but not good business. It was a throwback.”

Somewhat infamously, Team Radar sought revenge during the magazine’s 2005 launch party when somebody pushed a pie into Mr. Denton’s face—a throwback sort of stunt, to be sure, but one that made for a good photo op and a Drudge pickup. Not that it quashed the beef. At one point, Gawker writer Choire Sicha posted an item suggesting Radar wasn’t paying freelancers (we were), without mentioning that he himself had freelanced for and been paid by Radar not long before. “Don’t your readers deserve to know that?” I demanded over the phone, to which he replied that it could all be sorted out in the comments. Eventually, he did append an update: “Good news! We haven’t heard from any other contributors to the new Radar who’ve had trouble! Isn’t that lovely?”

That it had by then become easier for a freelance writer to fire off an anonymous complaint to Gawker than to return an assignment contract seemed indicative of the weirdly intimate love-hate relationship a certain group of journalists had developed with Mr. Roshan. Shortly thereafter, when Mr. Sicha wound up as a Radar colleague, it seemed not only farcical but somehow par for the course. It was always complicated with Radar.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Radar STILL owes me money.

  2. HKguy says:

    His NY Magazine article was scrubbed and “prompted angry letters” because both men proved that Roshan wasn’t at the event and made up quotes and misrepresented who was there. I could never figure out how he didn’t end up like Stephen Glass and Jayson Blair. 

    1. Fact-Checker says:

      I don’t usually respond to anonymous comments like this, but I think outright falsehoods should be challenged. Regarding the “Trophy Boys” article you mention in your post, I can assure you that Roshan was definitely present at Andrew Tobias’s house party at the Pines, because I accompanied him there. While Geffen and Tobias and other Gay-Listers were not terribly happy with Roshan’s wry  portrayal of the festivities, at no point did any of them claim that he wasn’t present at the party. As for misquotes,  Geffen’s main complaint was that he had sent his handsome date to fetch him a coke, not a beer, as the story reported.  Tobias’s follow-up letter complained that he was mistreated in the story despite the the fact that he had served Roshan an expensive lobster dinner.  In reply, Roshan reassured him that because he was kosher, he never got to eat the lobster anyway.

    2. Fact-Checker says:

      I don’t usually respond to anonymous comments like this, but I think outright falsehoods should be challenged. Regarding the “Trophy Boys” article you mention in your post, I can assure you that Roshan was definitely present at Andrew Tobias’s house party at the Pines, because I accompanied him there. While Geffen and Tobias and other Gay-Listers were not terribly happy with Roshan’s wry  portrayal of the festivities, at no point did any of them claim that he wasn’t present at the party. As for misquotes,  Geffen’s main complaint was that he had sent his handsome date to fetch him a coke, not a beer, as the story reported.  Tobias’s follow-up letter complained that he was mistreated in the story despite the the fact that he had served Roshan an expensive lobster dinner.  In reply, Roshan reassured him that because he was kosher, he never got to eat the lobster anyway.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Article  elides over some pretty  important stuff, making Maer look more like charming rogue Jann Wenner when he has more in common with Jayson Blair. A coke and booze habit of many years that ENDURES as a number of the articles’ sources know —  in spite of this new venture.  (Can Dany Levy be so naive?)  A Radar story on Doug Morris disappeared as if by magic; employees thot Morris bought Maer off.  After a week working for Harry Evans heading  The Week Online, Maer went AWOL. Employees were sometimes asked to procure for him. Complaints about idea-theft are dismissed as schadenfreude, but he liked to  find out what friends were working on at other places and pitch these ideas as his. Everyone was shocked when Mort threw $ behind the guy — no due diligence. (Not like Mort doesn’t know people in the biz.) Be one thing if Maer worked on Wall Street; journalism makes a  bad home for a career liar.

    1. Allisonfloam says:

      What a bunch off libelous, jealous bullshit. Maer ROshan was brave enough to tackled gay rights In the early 90s and the drug wars in our present era, not paths that most ambitious editors would pursue. He did this without corporate and family money. He sacrificed big jobs and huge salaries to createvtruly independent publications that provided jobs to many many journalists , writers and photographers and broke dozens of major international stories. He has commanded the loyalty of almost everyone who has worked with him, many of whom have followed him through his various endeavors. given his independence and success, its not surprising that there will be jealous people who want to take pot shots at him, but they always do so under the shadow of anonymity, offering not a shred of proof for their claims. Roshan started a magazine in his living room that wass nominated for a general excellence award by ASME against synch revered magazines as the Nation, Mother Jones and the New Republic. What has Eyewitness done lately?

      1. Eyewitness4 says:

        Go back to flogging beach towels Allison. I see you’ve gone into business at TheFix with Mr. Roshan — prolly should have noted that.  With the business in the shape it’s in, journalists will follow anybody anywhere who appears to be waving a checkbook.  Journalism is a buyer’s market; didn’t you learn anything at Wharton? And there are plenty of people out there who’ve been burned and repeatedly lied to by your new boss who have chosen NOT to work with him ever again.  A long-time doper:  Cocaine, folks, not just booze.  Address that,  Allison.  Address how Mr. Roshan went AWOL after something like a single week on the job at….wait for it…The Week.  He claims to have sacrificed “big jobs and huge salaries.”  Hope you spoke with the folks he says made those offers. 

        Why can’t he be honest about himself and his bad habits, like Bill Clegg and David Carr? Ethically challenged. Shouldn’t be in journalism. Nuff said.

      2. Allisonfloam says:

        Wow Dude. You to have a real hard on for this guy. Did he turn you down for a job or something? judging from this article, he certainly doesn’t seem like a liar. In fact he comes off as pretty brave. He admits he he went two rehabs, saw his steak move and lots of other revelations that many other editors in his position would never admit. He never had to agree to this interview. Instead, he chosen to use his experience to help other people with alcohol and drug problems. Because hescan amazing editor he’s managed to break dozens of important stories in just a few months since he founded his site.

        you seem pretty fixated on the coke. anyne who knows Maer knows he asn,t done coke in like five years. so what’s your inside line? You don’t sound like you’re a friend. Are you a dealer? get a life. try doing something productive rather than talking cheap shit.

      3. Gemini says:

        Hey Eyewitness….Given your fervent concerns about editorial integrity, why not be honest about your own identity rather than hiding behind an anonymous name? If you’re making rabid and harmful accusations against other people, shouldn’t you have the balls to reveal who you are and how you know the libelous information you blithely throw out? Seems to me that your journalistic ethics are very selectively applied. That’s called hypocrisy. Roshan’ editorial record has been pretty well-established over the past two decades. He has never been accused of any journalistic improprieties. And I personally can’t think of a lot of people who have personally started three magazines and websites without any corporate backing that have gone on to become internationally recognized media organizations, or have been nominated for General Excellence Awards by ASME. But who are you? Are you a journalist? A publicist? A rep for a person hal was angered bytheir treatment in a story that Roshan wrote or edited?
        Are you Courtney Love? Or are you some bitter unemployed hack with no vocation besides anonymously trash talking someone you’ve probably never even met?

      4. courtney love cobain says:

        no im  courtney love cobain and you are obviously maer roshon,  take thje heat asshole you  made it. why me? dont answer  just go the fuck  away. noone wants you and noone  cares.   you    fucking   surreptiously taped me, theres horror stories all over the business about you, ask nierob, ask sunshine ask tine TODAY  allison,  your a burnt bridge, n oone at page  6 ever  cared about maer  sightings  allison.  god  your noth idiots. noones  ever accused him of what?  hes got a hirostoy of sexual  harassmant, procuring  sex for money ,  having others di it for him,  its endless,  radar was a gossip maga nd every post yoy make as  someone ‘else’; with the same synpase lapses,  is further proof that your so   viciously insecure  and  your track record is so poor, that you are  desperate,  what you did to me and to my  life is  the action od  a desperate and unethical man the things you told conde  nast and vanity fair employers were so  far fetched as to boggle the imaginatioon and make us all presume and si far this hasnt been disproved that  1  your paranoid  and a  a sociopath and  2  3 4 5 6 and 7 yet again i am a poor judge of character when it comes to charlatans in the media.””” or whatever onlibe is, thats all from me asshole. god bless   nam myoho renge  kyop i hope you can  get better and   face the steps enoight o make active  amends.

      5. courtney love cobain says:

        thank you and  that allison was   like , paid asskissy, i can smell that shit,  major blow head, duh, ; your going to tell the steak story’   obviously wharton teaches you tob blata ntly ,make up texts and bad spelling and tell a   what  19 year old punchline  joke. courtney loves bad spelling makes her = crazy and or stoned – actually in this  case your  wharton little hooker and  trust me  maer probably paid her about  1000 bucks because  theres no  way   the fix made 2,4 lorraine told me  exactly what  she got back when she pulled her money out  because of maers  behaviour and  hypocrisy with  cocaine and alchohol so not only is she being bought .furnishing  fantasy texts and a fantasy group of people,  why the fuck would i  tell gwyneth  about maer?  she s never talking to him!  is she my mommy
        ?  i know he called and threatened  some  people mentioned when he was drunk and   thats only  because i had in  confidence mentioned someone i love very much,  and who i care for and who i do not  ever want mentioned  sloppily  in context  to me,  by maer, or anyone. show some fucking respect man! and  i know maer  called this guy at work and at home  in cell  number again he had to steal  from my  phone?  possibly  enough people have it, no! not that number,  he had to have stolen it from my  phone,  quickly  too,  he wasnt in the house for more than 6  hours,  threatening  my friend …. terrible shit,  i cant imagine whats in his retarded ebook and im  sure itll go on the bonfire with all the other repetious shit, like jezebels allison illegally reprinting my emails,  theyre so  obtuse that shes too stupid to  actually note  what i said so thats  just a  fuck you  jezebel   blip,  at least hey  theyre  conistent.  buit ill take a real feminist like xojane,com anyday- unrelated but what the fuck  w that site ‘we offered courtney to blog for us’  uh no  you didnt – back off bitches, at least they outclass maer and allison,  theyre owned by gawker and   have consitent ‘ on message’ content,  i hate haTE HATE HATE  the idea that  my stupdity  and the idea that i owed joe shrank for taking my bandmate in to sober living and my optimism and belief in peoples best selves  could hurt anyone i love,.  god i  feel so  fucking stupid and so fucking guilty, i was being contrary to someone wiser than me and i got sloppy shit all over my friends,  maer being that sloshing , gurgling lying river of  gin,  death and shit,  hes gross and this  allison should be charged with  libel  for  making up texts which do not exist. and recycling  10 year old quotes of tina/harveys,   its such a pastiche of bullhshit -allsion- and you got paid nothing for it.  well  you got me  pissed and im always  maers golden goose arent i? fucking courtney   crazy  stoned punchline with sexual attack on   nuetering thrown in – rethrown vitroil by allison  asshole,  you betchya  he paid for it, just not  much cos its barely a million    i was informed by an investor i  talked into investing. like an idiot. god – dumb courtney dumb dumb dumb i feel so fucking stupid, im so sorry  anyone who  was hurt  and i dont know what i can do to fix it, im sorry –   those who know and love me know i meant no harm, ever ever ever.  im so sorry about this awful man and  his one lackey,  ugh,  please dont let this reflect on what recovery is, i made a mistake , a terrible  one,  but please dont let this man  and his  ‘louche’  he wishes hes justa  gin coked out drunk,  – attitude  throw anyone off the path  to recovery,  warmly and  very sorry,  courtney  ps allison i will bother to check if  creating   phony  texts  is illegal online, i hope it is,

      6. courtney love cobain says:

        maer  shut up and put the gin down  asshole, you get what you deserve, and im never ever trusting anyone im told is  a rogue outcast who  should have a second chance ever  again,  youd idnt   totally    hurt me,  but you tried and  i know you  tried to  destory someone  whose only sin was to want to help your business model? your a perverse  fucked up  human who needs to   find your higher power, yourself  loathing gives every ones of these posts away, im certainly not anonymous you asshole, im right here, you know where i am,  you wanna fight this out  cos ill bash your face in  in the name of  my enlightenment in this lifetime,  spyshop? what the fuck?  the gold digging thing  was gortieque maer , and   the above article  doesnt even  do my misspelling   right, i have a certain  semiotic patter  patois to my  mispells and that was  like a valley girl, ‘ sorry you wannnnnnnna hannnnnnng oiyt tonniiiiite’   its just not my writing nor my text and why the fuck would you be welcome where i am,  you lied and you taped me surrpetiously and you owe alan  n  an amends  not to mention  every a ist in media or in my life name you coiuld throw,  your love of women is  ample too,  because  clearly  all women must  want to ‘marry a rich guy’  that is so fucking offensive,  i try not to  even think of it or you but these  comments are all by you  so shut up, your fucked up and you need to  stop running some site about sobriety with its dick in the wind when your drunk as fuck and noone knows if you even  have a  phallus. pribably not, yoru old school castrati, thus the vagina  envy ,   2,4 million for a  courtney crazy  pieve after commisions and shit, what you got a blowjob  from an escort ? a couch and a cuppa at  the starbucks asshole?

    2. Klattery123 says:

      the cocaine is simply not true – maer had an alcohol problem. he may have used drugs in his past but that was far, far past. the man is a true gentleman and a sweetheart, and anyone who knows him well knows that he is not someone you can ever buy off.

      1. Calidreamin' says:


        Given the nature of the project, wouldn’t an honest to God full disclosure about all this stuff only add to its impact? We’re rooting for you, brother!–Three years sober, one day at a time

      2. courtney love cobain says:

        he is not  sober  in the least.   thats the really sick part i didnt  believe it until a  friend taped and played me  his drunk dialling, he binge drinks alot.  the fix has  no  foreward message past bullying me and lohan, wow original,  hey at least i have a  high iq and a third act, but this  fucker  almost brought me down and hes not even sober. thats the  crazy part.

      3. courtney love cobain says:

        your maer obviously,  the guy has zero ethics,  my roomate  took an iphone picture of some  wierd ‘spyshop’ device he used to tape just salon at home  gossipe really,   he was pitching a  foundation of some  sort – involving tv yawn, as usual, something im never ever doing past  shilling books,  bit the  business model was idealistic,  calling for a sort of utopian dreamland where temperence  and sobriety amongst the 15 percent of us who are addicts or in  recovery- it just seemed  very altruistic to me,   an extremely   savvy  dear  friend whose wiki has about 219 words and if you you tube them , umm, they dont exist,  they dont want to exist, and are educated  far beyond me in this realm,  saw this  business model    as  i was excited about it,  genuinly positive and enthusiastic,   one of his partners had shown great  kindness – he is a ‘sober companion;’ and to be fair a  fucking naif at media,  and good with high profile alchoholic men,  cocaine addicts and sex addicts,  look without  addicts there would  be zero  culture,  but i have worked  extremely hard for my recovery and   bad spelling  is no reason to  thrash me , i dont take ambien anyway, as its  a narcotic but when i used to  i went online and did all sorts of bratty things with bAD SPELLING, maer is  also  beyond pernicious, a liar,  cmon im ‘groiup texting’   some friends about him in  a rant?   gwyneth, andre b,  harvey,. theyre all a little  busy for me  to ‘group text; them, maers too afriad of  gwyneth , harvey or andre b to  fuck with them,  but he takes a stigmatised  , flyover state scapegoat, eg me,. – ps that article  contained  zero actual content  by me and made me a punchline  for   using, when i  dont use  narcotics, end of, i am as i have tried to explain to many an aa nazi temperent,  but i like the idea of  sobriety = recovery and   the disease model and the  mutli billion dollar  rehab indisurty and its relationship a shitty one to most insurance models -= terrible-  being revamped, the road to hell is paved with good intentions,  but i sincerely believed  that if joe shrank was bringing  maer in,   that he  must be ok,  so  were kicking around my   living room,  as you may have seen  this guy  tennant gets mentioned alot,  yes, he wrote a humour book’ the filthy rich handbook’  as  alot of my friends are filthy rich – i seem to attract scions of filthy rich old  families,   particularly ones looking for recovery, and as i do work a 12 step program , which includes SCRUPULOUS HONESTY. FEARLESS  MORAL  INVENTORY., and  12th step that is   faithfully and diligently and   discreetly helping other addicts to get off  drugs,  we were discussing and joking about  tennants, rather apt but pre recession  eg ‘ikat’; is so  over, book,  in fact  tennant knew alot of things that  not alot of  people  tho- tho thank god not about benneton  gravuer,  – next thing i know   page  6  ‘ courtney love  im going to marry  a rich  guy’ or some such shit, what the fuck?  i dont  even  date plutocrats they bore me, i might date myself, if im  ever filthy  rich again, it made me look as though i were a prostitute, it also not only hurt my feelings it was  deliberately  hurtful, out of context  to say the least and  makes me to this  day feel   awkward and embarassed  around  filthy rich guys,   eg what if one os fucking fabulous?  what if i actually liked  one    instead of  just helping  afew  getr sober?  well maer made me look like a golddigging hooker,  based on commentary that was more  exact  accurately conveyed’  have you ever seen a HOT  PLUTOCRAT? NO ME EITHER!  HA HA! ‘  as a few friends and i   gleefully looked in  the book and had a few gossips,  safely,  except no,  theres this fucking   device,  maer  was surrepitiously taping me,  if he cannot be bought off then explain that?  the video  was to be approved by  my publicist and the subseqyuent rogue publication of   my feeling free to goof off knowing that sane  grown ups , who understand spin, would fix  whatever nutty kooky stuff could be  taken out of  context,  eg it took  7 months for me to fix whatever  stupidity  with kelly osbournbe,  who  didnt say what maer  said she did in that context, when my – plutocratish- friend   crumpled up the ‘fix’ business model  , after  a bright eyed, bushy tailed  activist  optimist  change the world isnt this neat?  me showed him the  business model and stated   1/’ this is  the stupidest idea i have ever  heard of ‘  2 ‘ maer roshon is over,  he will not  come back,  he has burned  far far too many bridges and done so with absolutely no class or sense of  apology’ eg drunk dialling  friends not   a month ago,  friends numbers he could only have gotten off my  phone,   he does not  know these people, i keep my close  and  very  guarded  friends and lovers  extremely  dicscreet and thank  god i did  not discuss that stuff around this ‘trusted’ friend of joe shranks, good old joe,   im an absolute fool for not listening,  and thinkmi ng my  real friend was being  cynical and that everyone deserves a secoind chance,  the man  broke down relationships with my  pr,.  which has sertved as a disaster  even to my  life, my home.,  my business,  turned me into  yet another ‘courtney crazy  ‘ story,   onvolved himself in my  b extremely  private   personal life like a vicious  voyuer ,  i noted the first splash page of the fix,com  he showed me for  money to invest in it,  had  making fun of lohan shit  all over  it,  slutshaming her as well as bullying her, that is not what i signed up for,   do you really need to read yet another ‘courtney crazy’ story?  im neither  crazy in the slightest or  stoned on any  drugs,  so your golden hearted  little fucking asshole friend isnt  quuite what you appear to state  he is besides which the only person in manhattan who could possibly stick up for maer  roshon is  maer roshon thus the 10 year old tina  brown quotes,  this man pissed on me  and  got off on it  and was it neccessary? did it help  anyone, ? it simply hurt my feelings , my friends  feelings and   it was achieved not  just thru inethical  but downright illegal means.  so please stop posting nuanced fabulous shit about yourself  roshon, your a very evil person,  a liar and off your  cake on booze binges,  fact.

  4. courtney love cobain says:

    hes a lying asshole and i certainly did not send a ‘group text’ to harvey, whose cell i do not have  , or andre or gwyneth,  and i certainly  for an absolute fact did not  ask him to ‘hang later tonight’ that isnt even the way i misspell, its absolute nonsense, per the video,  the idiot said i would have approval, and then  i hear hes published some  ebook all   to embarass me for trusting his sobriety business model, unbeliebale hes a fucking loser. fuck you joe shrank you arent ever  getting another  referral   from me, i spoke to that asshole for  an hour for 1/4 a page of  new york mag in payment of my  alchoholic recovering guitarist staying at joes  loft 107 for free for 3 months and played a sober rally,  and this  fuck comes  grabbing all sorts of loose gossip and  things  people in new york   DO NOT  DO,  dammed straigh hes alienated himself and using a 7 year old harvey  quote is  retarded,  and raising 2,4 m bucks by stabbing me in the back, wow,  i hope hes happy thats sooooo wealthy.  oh and he drunk dials everyone, its  vile,  he drunk dials me,  how the fuck  is he running a sober site?  ugh ugh, sorry om, never trading a media favour again,.   shpoiuld have listened to my  friend, as fucked up as he is  on  his own probelms at  least  he is educated in media and i  most certainly am not, if your going to embarass me then at least tell the truth.
    ps 1  jillion  says tina  hasnt got quite the nice  things to  say about him  circa  today  why hpw are you even allowed to use 10  year old  ‘talk’ era  quotes,  tacky man, trashy  site, total hypocrite.

    1. courtney love cobain says:

      disclosure; 2.4 million is bullshit., observer, i tend to like you but   its called  due diligence! what  are you? fortune/forbes ? overinflating  what  things are worth and what  cash  was paid? it was under a million  gross ,  FACT from  an investor in the fix,  that  stupidly i   grovelled for her to invest, well theres mud in MY  eye.

  5. courtney love cobain says:

    media  darling ? bwaaaahhhhaa