The Weiner Files [Updated]


weiner chest222 e1307405958871 The Weiner Files [Updated]Breitbart’s threat to unleash more embarassing photos of Anthony Weiner has started to get interesting. He warned this would get bad for the Democratic congressman with the release of his first picture today, showing Weiner — with a wedding ring — holding a sign that says “me,” which Breitbart claims was sent from Weiner’s personal email account.

And then there’s this shirtless shot.

According to Breitbart — who has broken stories in the past that didn’t quite hold up — Weiner sent the photo in recent weeks, just a few months after his New York delegation colleague, Chris Lee, resigned over his own photo flap.

Update: Radar and Star magazine are reporting that a woman from Nevada claims to have had a “sexting exchange” with Weiner, and, once, a 30-minute phone call with him, from his office. “Star and Radar have  confirmed Weiner’s sexting messages originated from a Facebook account he used regularly until November 24, last year and recently abadoned. (A source close to Weiner verfied that he used that page.)”