Apple Eats the Ecosystem but Cuddles up to Twitter

Steve Jobs returned to the stage for todays WWDC and sent shockwaves around the tech world with a series of updates to the latest version of the iPhone operating system.

First off, Apple has built Twitter right into iOS5. Scott Forstall, VP of iOS, said onstage that, “Users send more than 1 billion Tweets a week. We know Twitter is an important app for our users, so we want to make it easier to use.” To that aim, Apple is making Twitter the default, on click service for sharing photos, location, article and video.”

This is going to be a big challenge to apps like Instagram and Foursquare. Millions of iPhone users who are familiar with the more mainstream Twitter may begin using this service as their default for photo sharing and location.

Jobs came back onstage to announce iCloud. “We’ve been working about this for some time and we’er really excited about it … About 10 years ago, we realized that the PC was going to become the center of our digital lives, the place where we stored out photos and our music…. And it did become that and it worked well for a while, but recently it’s broken down. iCloud stores your content in the cloud and automatically pushes it to all your devices. But it’s also completely integrated with your apps, so there’s nothing new to learn. It just all works.”

photo via Engadget

Oh yeah, and it’s free.

It syncs email, calendar and contacts everywhere for free. Daily backup of music, photos and apps data. Auto upload and sync of documents. That’s gonna be a huge amount of data to store. It will be 1000 photos on iOS for 30 days. Free. Dropbox is hurting right now.

Who else got dinged? Well, Apple announced an internal set of push notifications, kind like BBM, that will function as a default service in place of apps like GroupMe or Kik.

Watch Instapaper’s Marco Arment travel along an emotional roller coaster as the Apple announcement’s went live.


Apple Eats the Ecosystem but Cuddles up to Twitter