Aye Dias Mio: Core Club Has A Bout Of Montezuma’s Revenge


Everado Gout, the director of Dias de Gracia, wanted to be at the Core Club last Wednesday night but, as his brother informed Transom, “he has the shits.”

Some excuses are better than others.

Present or not, Mr. Gout debuted his film Wednesday at the Core’s private movie theater in front of an array of socialites and assorted members of New York’s creative class. A club for financiers and the not-so-starving artist types, the Core Club featured white walls plastered with modern pop art; the Transom was immediately met on entrance with a neon sign glowing in patriotic red, white, blue and green that read “Always Vet American Financiers,” before being escorted past a giant Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles drawing and into the lounge/bar area. After cocktails, guests packed into the elevator and were ushered into the movie theater. Although popcorn and candy were provided, few indulged. Lined with luxurious leather couches, the intimate room held about 50 guests.

Despite the fact that he had not seen the film, Hugh Jackman, a close friend of the director, gave the introduction. “Who better to introduce it than someone who hasn’t seen it,” he joked.

More guests arrived for a second showing of the film. Soon the lounge was packed with flighty social butterflies including Meredith Ostrom, Girls Aloud girl Nadine Coyle and Miranda Tzur, among others.

Oscar-winning director and Scientology escapee Paul Haggis spoke with Transom about his forthcoming projects. “I have a film I’m trying to put together right now called Third Person, which has multiple story lines, three love stories weaving together,” Mr. Haggis divulged. We noted that the intertwining storyline seemed to be a preferred narrative staple of his, no? “Well, I’ve only done it once before,” he growled, ever so defensively. “I enjoy it as a storytelling technique. Altman did it well enough for years and years, didn’t he?”

Leopoldo Gout, the director’s brother and a producer of the film, mingled among guests, including airport-book deity James Patterson. Mr. Gout may not have had his brother, Mr. “Shits” (né Gout), on hand to lavish praise upon. Mr. Patterson, a millionaire countless times over, was a workable substitute.

“Our next movie is with him,” said Mr. Gout pointing to the author. “He’s the creator, he’s the writer, he’s the producer, he’s, like … the man.” –Elise Knutsen

Aye Dias Mio: Core Club Has A Bout Of Montezuma’s Revenge