Bernie Madoff Suspected Subject of Mystery Book and Other Book News

85392977 Bernie Madoff Suspected Subject of Mystery Book and Other Book News


Bernie Madoff’s prospective daughter-in-law is listed as co-author of a book that has been marketed anonymously to book sellers, leading The New York Times to speculate that the amusingly mysterious book is about him.

MobyLives wonders why Michael Hastings’ book was canceled by Little, Brown. They ask some questions: “Why would a publisher spend so much money on a book only to axe it so close to pub? Was Little, Brown worried they may have their own Operation Dark Heart on their hands? More importantly, might the Pentagon be giving them a reason to be worried?” They conclude with no answers: “All good questions for some intrepid reporter to take up…” Indeed.

The Guardian reports that former New of the World employees might end up working at HarperCollins — or in Siberia.

The Los Angeles Times lays off all its freelance book critics, which Publisher’s Weekly called “a move as significant for its breadth as its implications for the future of book coverage.” The writing might have been on the wall for that one, but we always knew Los Angelenos were illiterate anyway.




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