Bill Keller Deems Most NYT Reporters' Books Not Worth Reading

Even Bill Keller is not very excited to read The Top of the Morning, Brian Stelter‘s recently announced book about A.M. talk shows. In a column for the Times Magazine entitled “Let’s Ban Books, or at Least Stop Writing Them” that reads more like a staff memo, Mr. Keller issues a heartfelt plea to New York Times writers to not produce one more book that “gets a lukewarm review (if any), reaches a few thousand people and lands on a remaindered shelf at Barnes & Noble.”

He goes on to say that when reporters come to him requesting leave to write, “I recount my own experience as a book failure — two incompletes, and I’m still paying back a sizable advance with a yearly check to Simon & Schuster that I think of not as a burden but as bail.”

Writers produce books, he goes on to opine, “for reasons that usually have a little to do with money and not as much to do with masochism as you might think.”

Aren’t you so happy that Mr. Keller is going to be writing for the paper even more? Maybe he’ll get another book deal.