Brooklyn Hipster Targeted as a Hacker Says the FBI Has the Wrong Guy: ‘I Can Barely Turn My Computer On’

garrett Brooklyn Hipster Targeted as a Hacker Says the FBI Has the Wrong Guy: I Can Barely Turn My Computer On

Wrong dude, FBI.

The international hacker manhunt that included on a raid on the McKibbin lofts Tuesday turned out to be an exercise in futility, at least locally. Although the FBI arrested 16 alleged hackers around the globe, the suspected Anonymous member or members they thought lived in the East Williamsburg dorms had moved out a few weeks ago. But in an interview with The Brooklyn Paper, 25-year-old Garrett Deming, one of the apartment’s former residents, says the real problem was that the feds were banging down the wrong door.

Current tenants reported that the FBI was looking for the band Broken Glow, who used to live on the 5th floor. But Mr. Deming, lead singer of Broken Glow and assistant manager at Greene Grape Provisions, told the paper, “I can barely turn my computer on. Any of our computer use is for band promotion stuff.” What’s more, one suspect may have been the victim, not the instigator. Brenner Eugenides, Mr. Deming’s roommate, says his Gmail account has been hacked. “There was a bunch of weird Paypal stuff that came up,” he said. “Someone clearly had access to my information.”

Mr. Deming suspects that the confusion stemmed from the fact that his wireless network had not been password-protected.

“If someone cracks into that service and does something illegal or ethical, if that gets tracked, it will get tracked back to the person that owns the Internet, which is you, not them,” said Robert Diamond, a software developer and member of the Brooklyn hacker collective Alpha One Labs.

Feel free to leave your guesses as to what the Mr. Deming and his roommates named their Wifi network in the comments. We’re gonna go with Broken Glocial Scene.