Chris Brown Jealous of 'Kasey Anthony,' Loves 2001: Space Odyssey

 Chris Brown Jealous of 'Kasey Anthony,' Loves 2001: Space Odyssey

Chris Brown Performs at The Today Show

After some people trashed Chris Brown and his Friday performance on the Today Show, the R&B singer tweeted this gem: “Its funny how many second chances mainstream America gives some of their white celebs (Charlie Sheen, kacey anthony, etc).”

Really Chris Brown?

The crowd of 18,000 at Brown’s performance broke all existing Today Show records, surpassing even the legions of little monsters who turned out for Lady Gaga last year. His tweet was a response to various Brown-haters who trashed the audience for supporting a “woman-beater,” as one angry blogette wrote.

Apparently Brown has not been keeping up with the news: last time we checked ‘Kacey’ topped America’s most hated list and Charlie Sheen was a Hollywood pariah jettisoned by even his most loyal goddesses.

The tweet was taken down soon after it was posted but, of course, not before millions got a hold of the tidbit. It was later replaced with a (non-racial) diatribe against the “haters” in which he ultimately proclaimed, “I keep my head high and my middle finger higher!”

His rant against mainstream America was soon followed by something of different genre completely: “2001: a space odyssey directed by Stanley Kubrick made in 1968. Best/ amazing scenes in it visually! Super dope!,” the singer tweeted Saturday.


  1. Hazel' says:

    If you actually did your work and researched you would see it was response to Fox News entire segment on NBC allowing Chris Brown to perform but you didn’t. Hey, anything to write a Chris Brown article right? *rolleyes*

  2. Josh44 says:


  3. RealHumansMakeMistakes says:

    hmmmm lets see Charlie Sheen is an absolute maniac but yet he was recently givin his job back. hmmm he gets to continue following his dreams. but chris cant without bein put down 24/7? its a damn shame! the proof is below just read the previous comments. thanks ppl for proving chris right. Now if you wanted to prove chris wrong about his comment on twitter you would have said “chris brown you are forgiven for your mistakes and for being human” Or “chris brown we hate you just as much as we hate charlie sheen and casey anthony” Oh and as of casey anthony…..did anyone forget that she was found NOT GUILTY! so everyone needs to forgive her for what she did not do lmao. And as of chris brown, my father used to beat my mother, do i hate him no, why: bcuz ppl make mistakes and ppl change. And ppl make the most mistakes when they are young HINT HINT chris brown who was only 19 yrs old!  I love my father to death and there is not a day in my life when i would feel the need to bash my father for the mistakes he made in the past. If there is anyone here that would understand chris and rihanna’s situation its ME!

  4. Misty Jean Moore says:

    lol, SPACE ODYSSEY!! Chris is so funny.

  5. sammielammie says:

    he did post a better comment than what he said.  everyone hits  a rock in the road sometimes.  a lot of celebrities have done alot of suprising things that ppl thought that they would never do.  but the ppl have forgiven and it seems like nothing ever happened.  i don’t think that ppl should hold 2009 against chris.  it seems kind of hypocritcal to do that when there men all around the world who beat there wives and girlfriends and children every single day. and there is no1 stopping them. STOP HATING cuz chris is probably one of the sweetest guys tht any1 could ever know- sammie lammie

  6. ruby says:

    If Fox News can use racism / bigotry as their format. Why can’t Chris Brown use his craft on the Today show? Screw Fox news and the entire lot of  sheet wearing / cone hat / cross burning undercover bigots.