Conservative Candidate Turner On New GOP Favorite: 'Get Real'

Bob Turner, the soft-spoken Conservative Party candidate for the special election in NY-9 isn’t impressed with the surprising news that Republicans are looking to back a former Giuliani administration official in the race.

“Get real,” Turner muttered during a phone interview just now, when I asked him about Juan Reyes, the former Giuliani aide Republicans in Queens are looking to back.

“I haven’t found someone in my neck of the woods who’s heard of the guy,” Turner told me.

A Republican source in the borough said Reyes is ideal because of his fund-raising ability and appeal to large blocs of Hispanic and Italian voters. (Reyes is both).

Democrats today backed Assemblyman David Weprin, who is Jewish, as are a majority of voters in the district. Turner, who is Irish, dismissed the importance of a candidate’s ethnicity in the race, saying the prevailing financial issues will sway voters more.

“I think this campaign will revolve around jobs and the economy,” Turner said. “People are becoming more aware of how dangerous and problematic the situation is and how it’s not being addressed by this administration in a meaningful way.”

Turner also dismissed the criticism that he won’t be an energetic campaigner.

“I’ve heard people say, maybe I’m not as passionate. I don’t know where people get that impression,” he wondered aloud. Turner called that criticism “as bogus a charge as finding a super candidate at the last moment.”


  1. Anonymous says:

    Juan Res better have friends with Louis Vuitton check books since he will need it to win a three way race.

    But then Phil and the Queens GOP could be cutting a deal with David and Crowley to assure Davids win by making it a three way race instead of two way.

    You never know and lets not forget tis all takes place on primary day when the Queens GOP is fighting and Reyes could help draw voters to Phil’s side vs Tom and Bart.

    Before there was the “Oracle at Delphi” there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli

    VJ Machiavelli
    The Legislative Budget is Too Damn High

  2. Unless the GOP gives a Wilson-Pakula to someone like Hikind or Dear and makes a major push for the Jewish vote, splitting with the Tories will amount to political suicide.

    Unfortunately, I’m getting the sense that Mr. Turner’s a little bit tone-deaf as far as his district goes. If he wants to win, he’s going to have to go after Mr. Weprin directly and heavily, and not simply rely on Republican boilerplate topics, which for obvious reasons won’t work for a relatively heavy Democratic district.

  3. Election2010 says:


    Azi Paybarah

    This is written at 10:20 PM on September 13. Only 7 presincts have reported showing Turner somewhat ahead.

    I see you removed my 4 page political lesson criticizing you for your column. Shame on you. Anyway, as I predicted, the special election will be won by the candidate who generates passion and Turner’s apparent victory will be because of one issue, and one issue ONLY–regardless of what everyone states, so as to be politically correct–GAY MARRIAGE 

    Once it became clear Turner supported traditional marriage while Weprin  voted for the NY Law, the passions of those against gay-marriage were aroused and they are coming out in bunches–especially among Orthodox Jews whose rabbis as well as respected assemblyman Dov Hiken have come out publicly against Weprin. 

    State Senator Ruben Diaz, “Let the people vote”–although I am unaware of any active campaigning for Turner–will be pleased. The people VOTED in the 9th CD and overwhelmingly
    showed they were against same-sex marriage by electing a Republican in a district in which 196,000 voters are Reguistered Democrats and only 62,000 Registered Republicans.

    Do not be surprised if Turner wins by 15-20 points.

  4. Election2010 says:

    By ther way, don’t get too caught up with yourself.  You’re young and have a lot to learn. Life is like chess, and as the saying goes, “the mistakes are all on the board, ready to be made.”
    ALL the best!!