David Weprin Is No Weiner [Video]

frankseddio weprin weprin David Weprin Is No Weiner [Video]

Frank Seddio, speaking with David and Mark Weprin. (photo credit: azi paybarah / observer)

Last night, Democratic Distrist Leader Frank Seddio, happily explained the ways in which David Weprin is entirely unlike the congressman he hopes to replace in the Ninth Congressional District.

“The one thing that everyone can always say about David is that he’s a nice guy,” said Seddio. “He certainly doesn’t come across with the arrogance of a Weiner, but very frankly he’s going to be a welcome addition to our elected officials here in Brooklyn.”

When asked to explain the difference between Weprin and Weiner, Seddio said: “I think David’s a much softer person, but that doesn’t means he’s less effective. I think what David brings to the table is a warmth and, in his own way, a sophisticated kind of intellect most people don’t recognize.”