Department of Unique Delays: Mariko Mori’s Show Postponed

Delays and cancellations of openings happen for a lot of reasons. Maybe the artist gets sick, maybe a piece doesn’t get shipped in time, we heard recently about a delayed opening because the gallery was flooded. This one’s new to us though: Mariko Mori’s press preview at the Asia Society, scheduled for July 27 and hosted by the Adobe Society of Digital Media, has been delayed because (drum roll…): “Mariko Mori has been detained in Japan due to typhoon conditions which have delayed her installation.” No word yet on a re-scheduled opening date. In all seriousness, we hope Ms. Mori has safe travels once the weather conditions have softened up a bit.

The show is called “Journey to Seven Light Bay” and it’s being curated by the great Tom Eccles, director of curatorial studies at Bard.