Friendster CEO: I Made You, Zuckerberg

ganesh kumar bangah Friendster CEO: I Made You, Zuckerberg


“Embarassingly got this out of the blue… on my AOL account,” writes a friend of Betabeat, forwarding an email headlined “A Personal Message from Friendster’s CEO.” That would be Ganesh Kumar Bangah, founder of MOL, the Malaysian company that acquired Friendster last year and just re-launched the network as a gaming site.

And what an acquisition! “Friendster pioneered social networking and ignited the social media industry that has created billion dollar companies such as Facebook and Twitter, companies that may not have existed in their present form if not for Friendster’s early innovation,” he writes.

He writes of the moving power of Friendster:

…Many people have come up to me to tell me how Friendster has changed their lives. Many have told me that they have found their life partners over Friendster. Just last week, a successful Internet entrepreneur in Singapore told me that her success was triggered by promoting her business on Friendster.

“Today, as Friendster reinvents itself as a social gaming destination that enables its users to create multiple avatars, play games and enjoy rewards,” Mr. Bangah says. “I hope that all of you will wish us luck and continue to support us in our new reincarnation.”

Translation: Show some respect, ya little 2.0 twerps. And log in to the new Friendster using your existing username and password. We’re adding location awareness and badges soon, he promises.


  1. Chicky_joy says:

    Not happy with the new friendster! I lost 7 yrs worth of writings and when i asked for help re it, i was told there is nothing they can do. How can i be expected to support it?
    I have lots of other friends who also had the same problem. If friendster support can be more helpful, perhaps more of the old members would support the new friendster but if the new friendster is only concerned about its own new venture, i doubt if people will support it!
    Pls also stop sending me these notifications! Friendster for me now is nothing but a bad memory, a reminder of what i lost!!!!!!!!- my response to this personal msg which i received!

  2. Nana Edward says:

    Fuck friendster and its new innovation. Fuck the ceo and everyone that supported this new stuff. i have been a member of friendster for 9 years and all my friends and contacts just dissapeard in one day. NOW TELL ME… DO YOU THINK I AM HAPPY WITH THAT ??   And now all i see is this fucking game and avater shit… common on ceo… we are  not kids on your site. how on earth could you do this to us your members, all because of your fucking selfish reasons best known to you and your fucking crew.  I LOVED YOU BEFORE BUT I HATE YOU ALL NOW !

  3. Whatever says:

    fuck you friendster!

  4. Don’t even mention the word “friendster” to me anymore, because everytime I remember it will just get angry by the thought that all of my first online social networking experiences have just DISAPPEARED! Fuck. *breathing heavily right now*

  5. Hshsgasah says:

    Fuck you Friendster! You have erased all my photos without informing me.Fucking Shit! I don’t like Friendster anymore! I like FACEBOOK now.Good bye Fucking Friendster!

  6. FYN says: