Gagosian Gallery to Show Bob Dylan’s Paintings in New York in September

dylan e1311955451910 Gagosian Gallery to Show Bob Dylans Paintings in New York in September

Like Richard Serra, Bob Dylan will be showing at Gagosian in September.

The Observer has learned from a source who spoke on condition of anonymity that Gagosian Gallery will present an exhibition of Bob Dylan’s paintings in New York in September.

Artnet reported this morning that the gallery has added Mr. Dylan’s name to its artist roster, and that rumors have been afloat on a Dylan-related Facebook page that the gallery has been selling, and will exhibit, the musician’s visual art.

Gagosian operates 11 branches around the world.


  1. skinner49 says:

    This should be interesting. An artist in more way than one.

  2. pinkus says:

    Lay lady lay…………………

  3. Troll says:

    Is Bob Omish….wtf?…That picture is hideous!

  4. harry hubbard says:

    Troll, can’t dig the purple satin bow? Love Bob, but you’re right, his stylist should be arrested for impersonating a stylist! BTW I think that’s Amish.

  5. JOoyee says:

    That’s so embarrassing for Gagosian. Dylan’s paintings are amatuer crap.

    1. Katefarrell410 says:

      JOoyee u r dead wrong about the bob dylan’s paintings.  he is as talented a fine artist as he is a recording artist and musician, if not more so.  i am so wonderfully excited, this, more than the upcoming N.E.T.  has my heart beating fasterrrrrrrrrrrrrr. :)

  6. Desmond John says:

    I dont agree about “amatuer crap.” One could say that about van Gogh. Primitive maybe but not crap. It’s wonderful when someone paints and finds some solace in that. You shouldn’t be so negative. But you probably can’t paint. I saw where Dylan painted his “self portrait” which is the album cover. At the house on the OHayo Mt Rd.

  7. Katefarrell410 says:

    this is good news indeed.  i have been waiting years 4 this; bob dylan’s fine art on display in nyc.  i am extremely excited about seeeeeing the works.