Gay and Nan Talese Move House, Bob Weil Talks Editing, and Casey Anthony

Talese: no more summers in Jersey.

While you were at the beach this weekend, Gay and Nan Talese moved out of their summer house in Ocean City, New Jersey to join Graydon Carter in Roxbury, Connecticut.

More from Publisher’s Weekly on Robert Weil’s new imprint at Norton, Liveright & Company (see our article from last week, too.)

The first of what will likely be many, many Casey Anthony books is announced: Inside the Mind of Casey Anthony, by the forensic psychiatrist and FOX news pundit Keith Ablow, to be published by St. Martin’s Press.

MobyLives writes about the discovery of a memorial book for Byron, where more than 800 friends and family penned remembrances and poetic tributes after his funeral. The book was purchased at a church sale in Savannah, Georgia for $35.

Paul Auster on why Philip Roth is wrong to avoid fiction. [Video via BookForum.]