Goodbye Spitzer TV. And Spitzer 2013. And Grasso 2013

Eliot Spitzer’s second career has come to an end, and, most likely, so have his chances for a return to his first.

With CNN dropping Spitzer’s talk show — In The Arena nee Parker Spitzer — the combative, wonky talk show host has lost the vehicle that allowed him to publicly flirt with running for mayor in 2013.

Democratic consultant Hank Sheinkopf — who cut a few ads for Spitzer during his 1998 run for attorney general — emailed me to say: “Former attorney general, resigned governor, former cable show host is just so former. The closest he’ll  get to being elected mayor 2013 is voting.”

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  1. Yak says:

    Former cop, former winning strategist, former talk show pundit is just so former.  The closest Hank will get to electing a Mayor in 2013 is by losing to someone else. 

    But the checks won’t bounce, right fella?

  2. Jlk5000 says:

    ive always enjoyed his show

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hank Sheinkopf?  You mean the financial supporter of the disgraced, indicted former NYS Senator Pedro Espada? 

    Frankly Spitzer’s personal failings are much more forgivable than Sheinkopf’s intentional financial backing of the greatest blight on NYS politics. 

  4. you guys may ignore me if you like but once again i will say, because of demographics and with 65% of the nyc total voter population being black and hispanic, thompson will be mayor in 2013 ala guiliani losing close in ’89 and winning in 93.

    black voters will vote for thompson with about 80% of the vote and latinos will traditionally follow up with another 60% which will give him about 70% of the minority vote and with 4 or 5 white candidates running in the primary they will split the white vote and thompson wins.

    unless one of those white candidates has over 100 million dollars to run, which none of them personally have, they can’t raise the money legally and can’t win.

    thompson needs no money and he can win by this sumple strategy:

    1. announce your running and file the paperwork DONE
    2. get sharptons support AS GOOD AS DONE.
    3. campaign exclusively in minority areas which is 90% of the city

    boom he wins over any white dem or republican.

    the only person that can beat thompson  is harold ford and that i now doubt.

    add that obama owes him a favor from 09 and thompson wins in a landslide.