GOP’s 2nd quarter fundraising totals larger than Dems’

The New Jersey Republican Party will show bigger numbers than the Democrats this second quarter of 2011 fundraising, according to Democratic sources, who admit they won’t match the $1.15 million raised by Gov. Chris Christie’s Republican Party.

A source close to the levers of the Democratic State Committee acknowledged that the Democrats raised less than $1 million, giving the state GOP – with $1.3 million cash on hand – a chance to chest thump in mid summer as both parties prepare for the November election.

“The historic level of support for the New Jersey Republican Party is directly related to Governor Christie and Republican Legislators’ smart and responsible approach to governing,” said GOP Chairman Sam Raia. “The robust financial backing will allow the NJGOP to provide the critical resources and support necessary to compete in races across New Jersey as we fight to elect more reform-minded Republicans in November.” 

During the same time in 2009, when just the Assembly and not the full Senate was up for re-election, the NJGOP raised $121,455.20.