HBO Hopeful David Will Return

This morning, HBO released its fall schedule–including a September 25 premiere for Boardwalk Empire (see you then, Paz!), October launches for comedies Hung, How to Make It in America, and Bored to Death, and the debut of Laura Dern’s spiritual-rebirth dramedy Enlightened. Deadline reports that the network, whose current slate lacks some of the verve of 2000s-HBO (Hung is entering its third season. Ever watched Hung?) is hoping to bring back Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm for a ninth season, as the show is getting better ratings, reviews, and press than ever before. We’re optimistic (the current season has seen a creative resurgence, though Mr. David’s character has frustratingly yet to arrive in New York), though we know the perils of stretching a beloved HBO franchise out too long: Sex and the City 2. :: @DPD_