Help Us Name a Swath of Midtown!

beltt Help Us Name a Swath of Midtown!

What's in a name? (Streetsblog)

We tend to make fun of people for this sort of thing, but it’s true—there’s a major New York City neighborhood very much in need of a name. This is not some failed attempt at gentrifying outer Brooklyn or the points south in the Bronx (it’s called Riverdale!). This is an honest-to-god neighborhood, or at least it’s about to be one when it has all those towers dropped on its head.We’re talking about the far West Side, as the area has been known, but that’s more of a direction than a location. Even if it will be decades before Hudson Yards is fully formed, tons of development is already sprouting in the area—29th Street to 40th Street west of Eighth Avenue—so we need to figure out what to call it. Consider the unfortunate case of another otherwise lovely Journal story about the rise of shitty-chic hotels in New York:

A handful of these types of hotels have landed on the West Coast, but the trend is just hitting New York City. In addition to the Aloft Brooklyn, an Aloft opened in Harlem last year, a Yotel opened this year at 42nd Street and 10th Avenue and a Tryp by Wyndham is slated to open this fall in Hell’s Kitchen.


The first American Tryp Hotel, a Spanish hotel chain recently acquired by Wyndham, is slated to open this fall on 35th Street between Ninth and Tenth avenues. The 173-room hotel was converted from a former industrial building, which was cheaper than building from scratch. The hotel has European design elements, including a lobby featuring barrel-vaulted ceilings, a breakfast bar and bunk beds in some of the rooms. Rates start at $259 a night.

Sounds great! Only problem is, 35th Street is most certainly not Hell’s Kitchen. Nor is it the Garment District, a neighborhood itself in decline. The question is, what is it? And no, Steve, MiMA will not do.

Hudson Square has been taken by the smog-filled lofts surrounding the tunnel of the same name. Hudson Heights has a nice ring, and we’ve got lots of those in the city. In an homage to its chief benefactor, we could call this Related Land or even Ross World. Better yet, as a capstone to the mayor who made all this outsized development possible, how about Bloombergia? Borrowing from recent convention, we could go in for Hellsea. The Observer is partial to BeLTT: Between the Lincoln Tunnel and the Tracks. Certainly, our readers are more clever than us. Leave your ideas in the comments and your crack editors will choose a winner on Friday.

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  1. naro10 says:

    Whats wrong with HUDSON YARDS district?

  2. Real Estate Employee says:

    Once again the Hudson yards IS the neighborhood of Manhattan….The West Side rail yards is MTA’s/Relateds site in HUDSON YARDS.

    1. Matt Chaban says:

      I often think of Hudson Yards referring expressly to Related’s site, around which much has already sprung up. Hence the need, in our humble opinion, for an all-encompassing name.

  3. Rock Hackshaw says:

    Actually it’s part of Chelsea which goes up to 34th St. Typical uneducated Observer reporter. Almost as bad as Azi.

    1. Real Estate Employee says:

      Actually it doesnt. Chelsea stops at 29th street between 11th/12th and 30th between 9th and 11th. 
      Hudson yards is basically 8th Ave to 12th and 30th to 42nd/43rd

      1. Cb4 says:

        Your absolutely wrong. Hudson Yards is a zoning district, not a neighborhood. You may think that the Chelsea residential area stops at 29th and 30th, and there is some truth to that, but the Chelsea neighborhood boundaries have gone to 34th for many many years.

        Matt Chaban is also wrong. Hell’s Kitchen goes to 34th these days. Below 42nd it’s often called Hell’s Kitchen South. Clinton has been the real name of HK for over 100 years (after Dewitt Clinton). The real estate industry often claims the area was named Clinton as a result of the Capeman slayings in 1959 in an effort to make the area more palatable. But that’s not true.

        The historical “center” of HK is seen by many to be on 39th St., mostly by anecdotal evidence, and the HK neighborhood over the years has seen boundaries as far south as 23rd St. and cutting off on 52nd St. But those were boundaries are mostly from the 1800’s.

        Hudson Yards is a carving out of both HK and Chelsea to create a new zoning district and to allow developers in. Just as the Rail Yards are commonly called “Hudson Yards” these days by uneducated reporters, the real HY district is much larger. Even so, the creation of HY did not change the boundaries of HK or Chelsea.

  4. Guest says:

    East West New York?

  5. Guest says:


  6. Guest says:


  7. Guest says:

    Jersey Barrier City?

  8. Hell's Kitchenett says:

    CB4 has it absolutely right…
    I’ve lived on 38th between 8th and 9th for 30 years.
    It was then, and still is today called Hell’s Kitchen, Hell even half of the businesses in the area have the name Hell’s Kitchen in their name… Matt is a moron if he believes otherwise.
    What a load of BS hype!

  9. Tarbeaty says:

    WestWA (West Waters), or NuWest (New West), or WestMA (West Manhattan), or MiWest (Midtown West), or maybe… just for the fun of it – SOTy (South of Trump yards) or how about ChelNor (Chelsea North)

  10. Tarbeaty says:

    Whats wrong with HUDSON YARDS district?
    In general, nothing… just bland, not exciting, it reminds me of the old dirty West side, along the highway… just saying?

  11. Tarbeaty says:

    Please tell us What’s wrong with HUDSON YARDS as a name for that district.

  12. Glen Beltt says:

    What’s happening with this initiative? BeLTT seems like a great name to me. Although Hellsea is pretty good, too.