HowAboutWe Brings Back Taildaters!

geneva HowAboutWe Brings Back Taildaters!

"Sultry lounge" Madam Geneva.

Remember Taildaters, the MTV show that followed two people on a date as their friends talked smack and sent them text messages from a “control room”? Local dating start-up HowAboutWe does, and the action-based dating start-up is bringin’ it back by asking, “How about we do some oversharing?”

The plan is to watch a young, attractive couple on their first date tonight over cocktails and pork buns at Noho speakeasy Madam Geneva via a live date cam. Based on HAW’s blog, the proposal must have read something like, “How about we go to a sultry lounge replete with dark corners and plush booths, which, along with the out-of-this-world cocktails, make it an ideal location to meet someone for a date?” (And put it on the internet?)

James, 23, and Stephanie, 21, have agreed (hopefully) to stage their date in front of a webcam that will be Livestreaming here at 8 p.m. so others can watch “how real people act on real dates.” The best part? People on the internet can chat about the couple and “size-up their date as they size-up one another (and we get the anonymous veil of the Internet!),” HowAboutWe says. They’ll be participating, of course.